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cinemalta.org place where the Maltese film and television community can network, share information, post and share creative collaboration opportunities and jobs.


The idea for cinemalta.org was born out of the desire to bring together various elements which we believe are to date, dispersed in the local scene, where there is little sense of community, where asking for help or even acknowledging that you need help is almost considered taboo.

We believe that very little is done locally, not due to lack of talent, but rather due to the ‘one-man-show’ ideology that is heavily present in arts locally – the belief that – if you want to get something done you have to do it all (or almost all) by yourself.

We feel that if a project, irrelevant of its complexity, is divided into smaller parts, the more it would benefit of expertise. At the same time, each involved individual will be more focused on their contained tasks. Cinemalta believes that if artists are left free to flourish in their preferred area of expertise, irrelevant of budget allocated to projects, the end product will be more than satisfactory.

Cinemalta.org will be a place where help can be sought and found – for reasons as diverse as monetary gain to simply having an added experience of working on different artistic projects. Cinemalta will also help you gain information pertaining to the particular project you have in mind, as well as furnish you with resources to help your project grow from an initial idea and be brought to fruition.

Cinemalta belongs to everyone and knows its success to the community which supports it and gives it life. Cinemalta’s success depends on our common goal – to see the local arts seen flourish, be active and productive. With Cinemalta pledging to remain true to this goal, and with your support, Malta’s art scene WILL drastically change for the better.

cinemalta.org – Malta’s Film and TV community – we’re better together!


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