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Step 1: Register
Step 2: Basic Details
Step 3: Your Photo
Step 4: Pick a Profile Category
Step 5: Your Bio
Step 6: Your Skills
Step 7: Showreel and Portfolio
»  Adding a Showreel
»  Adding a Portfolio
»  Flickr Photostream
»  Facebook Album
Step 8: Adding Urls
Step 9: Adding Education
Step 10: Adding Work Experience


Step 1: Register

If you are not registered please register before creating a profile via the registration page or use the menu above.


If you proceed without registering, an account will be created for you automatically. You can log in by using your email address and password which you will receive via email.

Step 2: Basic Details

These are the first set of details we need from you. They include your name, your email address, professional title and location.

Alert  Please note that we ask for your email so that potential employers will be able to contact you directly. This will will not be shared by 3rd parties.

Light-Bulb  When choosing a professional title, make sure it represents you, even if you are an excellent multi-tasker we suggest to pick between 1 and 3 titles, e.g. Producer, Director and Editor or just Cinematographer.

Step 3: Your Photo

You might be tempted to shy away from this step, but having an interesting picture will attract more profile viewers as you will be perceived as more approachable.

 Step 4: Pick a profile category


We have several categories for you to choose from. In the future we will be able to provide resume lists based on these categories. Click on those which you think better represents the department you associate yourself with.

Light-BulbAre we missing a category? Let us know via our contact page and we will add it.

 Step 5: Your Bio

This doesn’t need to be long – just a few words about your experience and ambitions, the kind of projects you are interested in and so on and so forth. This section is required, but if you would like to fill it in later, you may simply put in a full stop (.) Nevertheless, we encourage you to add a couple of lines in this section, as it will certainly make a difference.

Alert  Please note that html tags are not allowed in this section.

Light-Bulb  Easy does it, the friendlier you sound the better you’ll look :)

 Step 6: Your Skills

Here is where you list your skills. You can add as much as you like, but again, we suggest that you be concise and focus on what matters most for your profession.

Alert  Separate your skills with commas (,)

Light-Bulb  Pick between 5 and 10 skills for the best results!

 Step 7: Showreel and Portfolio

Either a showreel or a portfolio of work could seriously enhance your profile,(and thus increase its’ chances of getting noticed) and we’ve made it really easy for you to add either of them or both.  For embedding showreels we have made it possible to add either a YouTube or Vimeo video. To embed a portfolio, you can either choose your Flickr photostream or a Facebook album. Instructions on how to do this follow:

Embedding a Showreel: You can embed your showreel straight into your profile. Simply put  your YouTube or Vimeo video id in the showreel field.

Light-Bulb Your Vimeo id can be found in you’r video url, here it is highlighted in red:

Light-BulbYour Vimeo id can be found in you’r video url, here it is highlighted in red:


Embedding a Portfolio: You can either use your Flickr photostream or a Facebook album

Alert  Please note that embedding your Flickr photostream will disable the Facebook album option, i.e. You can only have one portfolio at any given time.

Embedding Flickr: You will need two pieces of information, your username (put this in the Flickr Username field) and your Flickr user ID (put this in the Flickr User ID field)

Light-BulbNot sure what your Flickr User ID is? You can get it via this page


Embedding a Facebook Album: You need to input the Facebook Album ID in order for this to work, here is how you find you album ID:

Step 1:  Go to your Facebook page -> Photos -> Albums -> Click on the photo album you want to embed

Step 2: The photo album ID is located in the url (highlighted in red below as shown below).


 Step 8: Adding Urls


This one is pretty easy, here you can add as many link as you like to all your outlets on the web, such as Twitter, IMdb, Facebook or your own website. Just paste the link in the URL box and give it a name, e.g. My Website and off you go!

 Step 9: Adding Education

This one’s for all you doctors & professors out there :) Well, you may not necessarily be a doctor, but in any case, here is where you can tell us all about your education. Simply fill in the fields as instructed!


  Step 10: Adding Work Experience

Here is where you tell us about your road so far!



 Step 11: You’re Done!

Its’ done – you’re absolutely incredible, don’t get too excited just yet – first you need to preview your profile…


and once you’re happy that everything is nice and dandy just hit submit!


That’s it! Welcome to :)